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Case Study 1

Hope Restart Centre

East Gippsland Building Permits has played a key contributing role in the development of the Hope Restart Centre on the outskirts of Bairnsdale. This is a residential rehabilitation centre designed exclusively for the treatment of alcohol and drug addicted people in Gippsland.

The development of the Hope Restart Centre is wholly dependant upon significant Government funding to enable the facility to be designed , built and then operated.

When approached to assist in this landmark project, EGBP was proud to sign on and provide professional support. In the early stages EGBP principal Brian Ross was able to provide advice and guidance when the project was an idea but without plans.

EGBP has since been heavily involved through the process of advising on the compliance requirements and has now certified compliance with the Victorian Building Regulations and therefore has issued a building permit.


"The developers having complied with the reulations are now allowed to commence construction"said Brian Ross

"We ran through some 18 pages of detailed checks covering fire, safety, health, access and so many more and were 100% satisfied that everything meets the regulations"

In successfully obtaining essential state and federal government funding, it was noted that Hope Restart Centre was successful because they already had planning and building permits in place and were ready to go.