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EGBP Building Surveyors (EGBP) is a building surveying company that has been operating since 1996.

Across our three regional locations, we provide a comprehensive range of integrated services to not only our local regions, but also metropolitan Melbourne and greater Victoria.

Our professional approval, advisory, inspection and certification service ensures buildings are safe, accessible and liveable in accordance with the Building Regulations. The current requirements for developers, builders, owner-builders, landlords, residential home owners... have never been more onerous.

EGBP comprises a team of dedicated professionals who pride themselves on staying abreast of regulatory changes and up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

A key to our success is the staff at EGBP. Along with our Relevant Building Surveyor Brian Ross, our friendly and dedicated team offer a prompt and efficient building permit and inspection service second to none.

EGBP is ready and qualified to assist with any enquiries you may have. Check the various areas of this web site and simply complete the on-line inquiry form or call us and let us know how best we can assist with your building needs.

Our Team





Our Bairnsdale office is the economic hub of East Gippsland, a massively diverse region both geographically and commercially.

From the office we support clients from Sale to the NSW border and then from the high country to the coast. Within this area are larger rural towns, small villages, farms and outlying isolated residences. Around Lakes Entrance, Loch Sport and Seaspray, low lying land gives rise to issues of inundation.

Once you move away from the coast and into the High Country, there are onerous regulations which cover bushfires ratings. Recent changes with the Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) dramatic changes to regulations on new and renovated properties. Energy ratings are also an issue.

The client base for the EGBP office in Bairnsdale is diverse. While domestic and residential properties form are responsible for the greater volume of work undertaken, we also have clients in hospitals and the health sector, public halls, education, factories, shops, warehouses and so on.

No challenge is too great - no project is too small - we are highly experienced and can manage to assist clients with every issue related to good building practices.

Brian Ross EGBP

Brian Ross

Managing Director

Judy Moore EGBP

Judy Moore

Accounts Manager

Donny Miller EGBP

Donna Miller

Administration Officer

Tara Leadoux EGBP

Tara Leadoux

Essential Safety Measures Manager

Colin Stanbury EGBP

Colin Stanbury

Building Inspector/ ESM Inspector

Jennifer North EGBP

Jennifer North

Administration Officer

Maddy Prighel EGBP

Maddy Prighel





Traralgon is the commercial hub of greater Gippsland. Due to our proximity to our head office in Bairnsdale, the Traralgon office supports clients in the La Trobe Valley, Sale, Warragul, Drouin and into the eastern suburbs of metropolitan Melbourne.

The support services on offer to builders, owner-builders and developers is extensive. While the building regulations are the same across Victoria, it is our thorough knowledge of the various planning laws in different shires which provides us with an edge.

In addition to supporting the local Gippsland market, the Traralgon office has handled significant commercial projects in the Melbourne CBD as well as the big volume builders in this region. We’re proud of the support that we can provide to owner-builders who often need an added layer of advice and support.

Casey Sands EGBP

Casey Sands

Planning Officer

Danielle Potts EGBP

Danielle Potts

Administration Officer

Sam Shanahan EGBP

Sam Shanahan

Office Manager

Jenna Errey EGBP

Jenna Errey





Our Castlemaine office is located in the heart of a rich, heritage area. EGBP founder and Managing Director, Brian Ross, was the chief building surveyor, municipal engineer and Planning Officer for the Metcalf Shire for 12 years, so it is fitting that EGBP continues with the local association.

The core of our building survey work performed by the Castlemaine branch is within a 75 km radius, taking in the regional centres of Bendigo, Ballarat, Maryborough, Kyneton, Gisborne, Woodend, Creswick and central Victoria in general, all the way down to the northern suburbs of metropolitan Melbourne.

The Castlemaine office is kept busy with local architects and an ever-increasing number of commercial projects. This is a bushfire prone region, so there is also constant demand for Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) reports. There is lots a lot of repeat business, indicating a high level of client satisfaction.

Due to the proximity to Melbourne and Tullamarine airport, this region is experiencing a boom with commuters reaping the benefits of a rural lifestyle while still being able to commute to their jobs in the city.

Wendy EGBP

Wendy Chaplin

Administration Officer


Jess Chaplin

Office Manager

Wendy EGBP

Wendy Church

Administration Officer

Miriam EGBP

Miriam Smith

Town Planner

Craig EGBP

Craig Sproat

Building Surveyor